Cafeteria and School Meals

Cafeteria procedures, menus, and payment options

Both breakfast and lunch are available at Lane daily. The cost of breakfast is $1.75; the cost of lunch is $3.25. Milk can be purchased for 60 cents ($1.25 for soy milk). These prices are determined by the School Board.

FCPS Food Service accounts work like debit-card accounts. All students have their own unique pin numbers to use when buying breakfast or lunch at school, and the cost of each meal is automatically deducted from a child’s account at the time of purchase. Food service accounts are attached to individual Student ID numbers and remain the same throughout students' time in FCPS (from kindergarten through high school).


How to Pay

Students are encouraged to pay for their lunch in advance by maintaining a balance in their account.

The easiest way to add money to an account is through My School Bucks at Parents can add money to an account using a credit card, view account balances, and see what has been purchased on the account through the site. Parents can also receive an e-mail notification when the balance gets low. More information is available at 1-800-479-3531 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Please note: You will need your child’s Student ID number to register or access information on

Parents can also money to their child's account by sending a check (payable to “Lane Cafeteria”) to school with their child in the morning. When paying by check, please indicate on the memo portion of the check if your child is to get breakfast and lunch only and no “extra” items (pretzels, ice cream, etc.). Just write “lunch” or “lunch only” on that line. If your child is allowed to purchase these “extras,” do not make any notation on that line.

Please note: The school cannot give students lunch if they do not have money. If a student does not have money for lunch, a peanut butter sandwich and milk will be provided to the student by the PTA. As the PTA is on a limited budget, it will be necessary to reimburse them. The PTA will send you a reminder about this process if your child needs their assistance for breakfast or lunch.

Free and Reduced-Price Meals

Free and reduced price meals (FRM) are available to students unable to pay the full price of meals according to criteria based on household size and income.

Families who earn less than 130 percent of the poverty level are eligible for free meals and those with incomes between 130 and 185 percent of poverty level qualify for reduced-price meals. Eligibility criteria as well as prices for reduced-price meals are established by the federal government.

The 2022-2023 free and reduced-price meals application is available online now. Submitting the information electronically allows for faster processing. The application is available in multiple languages. Click the link above to learn more and apply.

If you have questions, please contact the school or Food and Nutrition services at 703-813-4800.



What's for Breakfast Today?

What's for Lunch Today?

Students are also welcome to bring their lunch from home. There are no facilities available to heat food, and please be sure to pack all necessary utensils. We promote healthy eating at school, so please do not send in canned or bottled sodas.

Please do not hand-deliver or have food delivered from restaurants for your child’s lunch.


Join Your Child for Lunch!

Parents are welcome to join their child for lunch, but we ask that you let the teacher know you are coming so we can better manage cafeteria capacity. Again, please do not bring meals purchased at restaurants to the cafeteria for you or your child (or other children). Please plan to bring healthy food from home or purchase an adult school lunch. 

Also, we ask that you plan your first lunchtime visit for after the first six weeks of school. This will allow your child to establish and settle into routines.