Family Game Night: Playing Together Is More Than Just Fun and Games

October 10, 2022

On September 15th, dozens of students came back to school in the evening to participate in our Family Engagement Game Night – an event that was all fun and games for them and anchored in important social-emotional learning support information for the parents that accompanied them!

While students were entertained in the gym with other teachers, parents and guardians attended a short presentation by sixth-grade teachers Stacy Shick and Hitomi Sato that explained how families can use games to engage with their children, build relationships, and support learning. Other topics included the importance of sleep, self-esteem and confidence, test anxiety, and the importance of being able to accept mistakes and disappointments (which game-playing can definitely help build).

You can view the slide show from the evening here.

 family playing a game together

 Family playing a game together

Cafeteria packed with families playing games